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HWAN YU Real Estate Appraisement Co. Ltd., aka HREA which was founded on April 20, 2004 in the response to the enactment of “The Real Estate Appraiser Firm”. Furthermore, on January 24, 2003, the company was officially renamed as "HWAN YU Real Estate Appraisers Joint Firm" due to organizational expansion. To be adhered to our persistent objective of “Righteousness,” “Professionalism” and “Sincerity,” HREA will be committed to bringing you the most satisfactory services.

Ever since its establishment on June 15, 1990 in Taichung City, HREA has gone through the highs and lows of real estate development in Taiwan. With our impartial and objective stance, we have witnessed the ebb and flow of business cycle on this island as well as observed the each link and element in the waves of real estate. By reliance on our extraordinary experience of professionalism, we are capable of having a good command of the trend for the development of real estate by helping HREA expand its unparalleled business scale, as the company is hiring 30-more employees across the country. With our accurate judgment and persistent commitment, we have keep rectifying the doubts over the weight value for numerous real estate cases. To meet our clients and market needs, we have further stepped up efforts to set up one trustworthy and authoritative work team, build one enormous information network base and keep recruiting appraisal experts to serve our clients.

With its nearly 30 years of commitment, HREA has accumulated rich practical experience and theories in real estate appraisal that helps us build our business reputation in this trade. More than being an appraisal agency with a long history of development in Taiwan, our service nets are across the country as HREA has established several branches island wide, Our rich and authoritative experience in real estate appraisal has thus contributed to our successful services offered to a plenty of financial institutions, domestically and abroad, as we are further be designed as one appraisal institution by district courts, AMC, listed companies, and public and private schools across the country.

With our reliability and long-term earnest commitments to the practical appraisal trade, HREA has found favor and supports from each industry and thus helped us build good reputation. Feeling honorable and showing our deepest gratitude, we will be committed to pursuing the best service quality with our impartial, rigorous, responsible and active attitudes. We are anticipated to receiving your suggestion and instructions.